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Post Zool 2

I would doubt your hard drive would generate the interrupts but I'm no expert - all I will say is "it could be". If the NOAUTOVEC fixes all games/demos, be glad and set the flag globally

The magazine Amiga Fun released a 2 disk coverdisk version of Zool 2 which has all the signs of the Mok/Classic crack, files rejigged and repacked with a cruncher called MASM (which I'd never heard of) and during the decrunching process on levels 2, 3 and 4 it crashes with line 1111 emulator faults. If you use the cheat mode to start on level 5 or 6, you can complete the faulty coverdisk version but levels 2 - 4 are stuffed! On both my A500 and A1200 the floppy version crashes
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