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Originally posted by Korodny
Name Apps that are *not* hopelessely outdated and require the custom chips.
I know three: Dpaint, Brilliance (mainly for their animation features) and
Scala. That's about it. Don't yell "VideoToaster" at me, as that would
require Zorro slots (and analog video editing is *really* yesterday's
The Video Toaster requires a free Video slot and does digital NLE editing with the Flyer card which goes into a Zorro slot. Many of the features of a Video Toaster 4000 & Flyer card are still not available on other editing systems. Even Toaster [2] does not have all the features of the Video Toaster Flyer.

"Video Toaster Flyer: The tapeless Editor: No editing system in the world compares to the quality, price, and ease of use of NewTek's revolutionary new Video Toaster Flyer. The Flyer is a D2, broadcast-quality, tapeless nonlinear edit system that costs $4795.00 (Or $500-$700 on ebay). Forget the hassle of hooking up a complicated A-B Roll editing system. Forget the expense of buying an edit controller and three VTR's. Forget waiting for sluggish tape access in an offline studio. With the Video Toaster, all that's history. Now you can record your video direct-to-disk, make edit decisions with the Flyer's drag and drop controls, and enjoy the finished program all in the same afternoon. Don't like the way a sequence looks? Drag the video clips into a new order, insert a new scene, or drop in background music with the click of a mouse. The choice is yours. Best of all, every change is immediate. There's no re-recording, no tape generation loss, and there are no botched edits. For a fraction of the cost, the Video Toaster Flyer provides the quality you expect from a $50,000 digital video deck. Plus, the flyer seamlessly integrates into the Video Toaster System."

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