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@Twisting Ghost:

>> Korodny, you seem like the perfect person to author such a FAQ, but since
>> my head is spinning from so much information, I may not even be the best
>> person to make such a call. Any other thoughts on this?

I'd be glad to compile such a FAQ, if there's demand for it.


>> As long as Korodny stop's pressing enter while his sentance's are in mid
>> flow

I'm sorry, but I guess you'll have to live with that I'm using CygnusEd
to edit my replies, as AWeb's text field editor is somewhat limited (to say
the least) and text editors have that annoying habbit of ending a line with
a CR .

@Burseg, Akira:

Your point of view is "It has custom chips, therefore it's an Amiga", my
point of view is "It runs AmigaOS natively, therefore it's an Amiga". We
won't agree on that one, I'm afraid


>> I still disagree with the compatibility thing.... lots of apps (not games)
>> hit the hardware directly, like DPaint (invaluable to me)..

That's why you can attach an A1200 to your AmigaOne The AmigaOne+A1200
combination will certainly be as compatible with old stuff as my current
Amiga (A1200PPC, 64MB, GfxCard) - and it *will* be able to boot non-DOS
games from disk.

Name Apps that are *not* hopelessely outdated and require the custom chips.
I know three: Dpaint, Brilliance (mainly for their animation features) and
Scala. That's about it. Don't yell "VideoToaster" at me, as that would
require Zorro slots (and analog video editing is *really* yesterday's

Btw. If you like DPaint, check PersonalPaint (*should* run on an AmigaOne)
or PerfectPaint (Aminet), which is a brilliant freeware DPaint clone.
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