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Some damn fine games mentioned here...

I thought i was the only here whom played laser squad nemesis... an absolutely fine game


ahhh Paradriod so close to my heart... you know I was around 12/13 when i got into that game.... and one time, (lucky for me I have a whiteness) I merged a 001 with the 999 droid .... ahhh what a sensation that was!!!!!

but for me.... the only one game If I had an eternity with it is the one and only...

CAPTIVE... (surprise surprise )

now some honorable mentions

C64: Elite
ZX : Laser Squad
MD : Flashback
N64: Goldeneye
DC : House of the Dead
PSX: Final Fantasy 7 or 8 both are fantastic
PS2: Guitar Hero 2 (who know after 100 years i may be able to play it on Expert)
Arcade Game: R-Type

LOL i thought about what game i would take on the PC, and although there a lot of good contenders, all i could think about was taking an OpenGL / C++ development platform... figure.... Oo Oooo Oooo

PC : The Internet

there we go.... sorted....
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