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I have to disagree a bit about the comparison between the Lynx and the GBA. The GBA is crearly a more advanced machine. I own both machines and I know what I talk about

Teh Lynx, however, is still impressive. It's been released, as you say, 12 years ago, and it has an amazing quality today, nonetheless. Though they should have upped the number of colros on screen a wee bit, the rest is gorgeous. You can say good ole Mr. Minter took part on this project, the Lynx is a sclose as a mini-Amiga as you can get. Try Shadow of the Beast. It's the BEST version out there, IMO.

I believe the GBA can bring back cool games. Look at the games lineup, we already have a good number of 2D platformers, a genre that was quite dead until today!

Bring back the pixels
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