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ADF modifications

OK, I never cared for the concept of hacking an existing Amiga adf with this "downloaded from" stuff, or intros, text files, etc. spamming the site. I know it has already been discussed here about those ALE disks with the boot intro and then an additional intro in the startup-sequence. But there is yet another short-sighted flaw in those disks and that is the fact that the AmigaDOS commands (in the C/ dir) are from AmigaDOS 3.x, which means the disk won't even boot in 1.3 mode! If you have to modify the disk for whatever reason, please stick with 1.3 commands unless the software is expressly written for 3.x or AGA. I had this problem on the PD game disk Centipede, which was written in 1989 (but this ADF only works with an AGA config because of that one assign command!)

The same problem occurs on a bunch of Dylan Dog disks. (sigh)
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