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This is from, it kind of sums things up but isn't a comfortable read...

"I have this to say, it's a bit controversial but sod it.

No-one is bigger than the scene, OK, so some of the bigger fish have spat their dummy out and knee-capped some useful hardware, but bear in mind they are trying to update 20-year old hardware. You can't reasonably expect 20 year old hardware to keep being updated indefinitely, the comment about Atari users and PS/2 mice is exactly the point, eventually the party has to end, in-fighting with a scene that is at best eclectic and at worst a dinosaur, the bigger picture is that we are all rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.....

Chris obviously had a bad day and the troll's comment hit the spot, it only take one more straw to break the camel's back, why keep developing hardware for outdated kit and keep taking flak from ungrateful sods who can only say "Gimme!" and complain when it doesn't take their Amiga up to the spec of an Athlon, Jesus wept, what do they actually expect? TBH I am not surprised Chris jacked it in, you can only have so much patience......

If you want performance, buy a 3 Ghz PC and run WinUAE, otherwise, be like some of use who are just happy to get CD-ROM drives running under IDEFix, I have never expected sh!t hot performance and USB compatibility, it is a nice to have but not the be all and end all of the Amiga scene.

The Amiga these days is a bit like having your Dad come to your 18th birthday party in his Ford Cortina and start dancing to your modern music like it was the 1980s, yes, it was really good at the time, but you realise now that it has had it's day, accept that the party won't last forever and enjoy it while it lasts...that's how I am looking at it now, I am in my mid-forties and am probably in the same boat as my Amiga these days....

Sorry if you are offended by the above, I needed to give some people on here a reality check.


There are other USB units out there you could use on the Amiga but you can only upgrade the Miggy so far, accept the scene for what it is instead of killing it through in-fighting about what, by definition, are niche products for a limited market.

/me goes off to troll at Ford, as to why they won't fit ABS and airbag support to my 1981 Cortina, LOL


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