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I think we have to discuss what "amiga" is before discussing amiga inc. To me, it's the machine standing on my desk with it's os. and after commodore's death, it's presence is slowly fading. Now AmigaOS is being transformed into a new concept. In the end there will be nothing but a concept of "Amiga" that has no relevance with that machine.

I'm mainly talking about games because many self booting games have nothing to do with AmigaOS but they are directly related with the machine standing on my desk (will be called as "my miggy"from now on ) "Amiga",with it's custom chips, runs them and that's a solid fact.

Do you blame Nintendo that the GameCube doesn't play old NES titles?
Come on, N64 and nes are consoles and this is totally irrelevant.

After all, it's pretty obvious that amiga hardware cannot be manufactured and marketed the way it could 15 years ago, but the direction Amiga inc has taken will make them a big software company with the name "Amiga" and this name will not have -anything- in common with my miggy therefore it will ruin what is left of Amiga. If it is dead and cannot be revived the way it deserves, it must rest.
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