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i know amiga-news forum well and its always the same. the last people who
do something for the amiga, no matter what platform thread, worked hard to
get something realised, post their news, and maximum half of the users
comment on topic, some always comment negative, few comment in a way
that the developer at least doesnt feel bad to have released some work.

nothing for people without thick skin. besides that most topics get used for
iterative who's right and who's wrong combats usually found in usenet

i could understand people who leave the amiga market (which market?) or
the amiga community (not really united but mostly good people) because
of a brand that shows up everywhere with trolling and flamewars.
imho we should collect a bounty to buy the trolls a nice island...

@toni: no you were serious even if you didnt intend to be
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