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>> I still think this is not an appropriate way of supporting old software.

You lot never gave me a valid reason why old software should be
supported at all...

Certainly not for games. I mean, it's a nice bonus if I can play my old
favourites on an AmigaOne, but I wouldn't dream of *demanding* it from a
hardware manufacturer...

There's very few software (I'm speaking about applications) that is still
"useful" today. People that still want to use these applications (e.g. Scala)
already have a classic Amiga (chances are that this is a A1200, and if not,
they still could use their classic Amiga as a standalone machine...)

>> As far as I know, A1200 motherboard is not being manufactured anymore so
>> how many of them are left now? Or how many of them will be available in
>> five years. Hardware dies with time thus availability of an A1200 is
>> getting lower.

That's sad, but is that a reason that Amiga Inc. provides new compatible
hardware for the rest of their lifetime, even if there's nobody producing
software for it anymore?

Do you blame Nintendo that the GameCube doesn't play old NES titles?

>> Unless a 100% classic amiga compatible hardware is manufactured, classic
>> amiga will remain dead.

It is dead. AmigaOne is no classic Amiga, it's the next generation of Amigas.

>> I'm aware that amiga is low on cash but nothing would be different for
>> classic amiga users if amiga had a lot of money anyway. I'm not supporting
>> a company just because they have the copyright of Amiga.

Nobody asks you to support Amiga Inc.
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