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Originally Posted by Dary View Post
AmigaSYS 3 Plus E-UAE version AmigaOS4/MOS/Linux/MAC released!

E-UAE optimalized, though it than WinUAE version. E-UAE optimalized, though it than WinUAE version.
= JIT LINUX version! Linux onto a version understanding , and onto the applicability !

Need Picasso 96 emulation , 68040 and some Mb Z3 fast ram.
AmigaOS 3.9 themes need 32 bit color mode.

Support default install screenmodes :
640x480 8 bit
640x480 32 bit
800x600 8 bit
800x600 32 bit
1024x768 8 bit
1024x768 32 bit

OS support :
Amiga OS 3.0/3.1
H&P Amiga OS 3.9
Amiga Forever 5,6,2006,2007.

Linux tested, nice work , internet, games , demos.

ZIP packed/ HDF.

The further developement of AmigaSYS is depending on the donation.
Please support AmigaSYS, use PayPal or classic payment.

For more information, pictures, installation... point your browser to:
Very nice.

I have a problem wit the supplied .hdf thou.

I use E-UAE Wip 4 on openSuse 10.3.

In the GUI you can't add a hdf as you can in Windows.

In the .uaerc file i have inserted the following line where there normal is a reference to folders added as filesystems:


But when I start the emulator it just goes to the normal KS3.1 insert disc screen.

It didn't change anything to use the other example you gave.

Any suggestions to what I am doing wrong?
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