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This is a fascinating thread and very educational even to us old-schoolers. As I read through each post, something occured to me: this board needs an FAQ explaining the differences between all of these terms that mike confuse some users. The terms I am referring to are AmigaDE, Amiga One, Amiga Inc., AmigaOS4, AmigaOS5, Amiga Inc., PPC, AIAB, Amiga Forever, etc.

Imagine the scenario of an old ex-Amiga user wanting to return to the scene, either to run fav apps, play old games, develop, do old-school stuff, or to return to the Amiga as a native user. It could be very confusing getting up to date with all that has happened, all that is happening, and all that is proposed for the future. Even I get a little lost when reading about so many Amiga models in development and which is which. Just an FAQ that explains what the differences are would be an invaluable reference and this board is the perfect place for such a reference guide. Preferably an unbiased one that just details specs and such, but even an opinionated one would be better than none at all.

Korodny, you seem like the perfect person to author such a FAQ, but since my head is spinning from so much information, I may not even be the best person to make such a call. Any other thoughts on this?
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