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Originally Posted by Calgor View Post

Good clarification. Seems the differences may be quite small in the actual ROM, although there were tons in the workbench. Though I wonder if there were many different KS1.2 (1.2.1) and KS1.3 subversions. And what the reason there was to have different subversions. Even a small unnoted change can cause compatibility problems.
Yes. 1.2.1 was probably a disk release for A1000-using developers.

I do recall that (some) A1000 Kickstart 1.2 disks were of a different version to the A500/2000 ROM 1.2.

Even the default Workbench screen title in Kickstart 1.3 still says Workbench release 1.2. (LoadWB in Workbench 1.3 patches it to just say Workbench release.)

Originally Posted by Calgor View Post
You also have to remember differences such as OCS and ECS if selected or not. Not sure if KS1.2 ever came from factory with ECS.
I'm pretty certain it didn't. However, quite a few machines that came with 1.3 actually had the ECS Agnus, though this was not mentioned in the documentation or marketing materials. I guess Commodore just ran out of the old chips. For many people, some incompatibilities they attributed to Kickstart 1.3 may actually have been due to the ECS Agnus.
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