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Wrong. An AmigaOne is compatible with old stuff, as long as that old stuff doesn't hit the
hardware directly. An AmigaOne will run Sas/C, Sbase4, Digibooster or Wordworth. But it won't
run Giana Sisters or Turrican if you don't have an A1200 attached.
I still think this is not an appropriate way of supporting old software. As far as I know, A1200 motherboard is not being manufactured anymore so how many of them are left now? Or how many of them will be available in five years. Hardware dies with time thus availability of an A1200 is getting lower. Maybe I can't precisely express my point. Maybe there is no point but I'm getting extremely paranoid about that Unless a 100% classic amiga compatible hardware is manufactured, classic amiga will remain dead. How much can you emulate? There are always something emulators cannot do. I can't use AGA demos with UAE at full speed even with JIT!

I'm aware that amiga is low on cash but nothing would be different for classic amiga users if amiga had a lot of money anyway. I'm not supporting a company just because they have the copyright of Amiga. Amiga inc, beware there's a mad Turk watching your every step.

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