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>> How would they 'merge'? You just said AmigaDE is hardware agnostic (true), so why
>> are you tying it up to a hardware spec like AmigaOne?

The original plan was to drop AmigaOS completely. AmigaDE can run both hosted (on top
of another OS - just imagine WinUAE and you get the concept) or native (being the only
OS running on the computer). Currently AmigaDE can run hosted on Linux, Win32, WinCE,
Symbios (plus a few others) and native on embedded devices (like PDAs).

But creating a native version for desktops proved to be impractical at the moment, due
to different reasons:

1. AmigaDE is based on Tao's Intent Technology. Intent is targeted at embeded devices,
not at the desktop - it lacks Memory Protection and Virtual Memory which are pretty
essential for a desktop OS. Tao refuses to implement these features at the moment.

2. Amiga Inc. is/was extremely low on money. Their employees didn't get paid for
several months last year. Developing/selling/supporting a desktop OS requires a
lot of ressources and money (given the state of the x86 market, with zillions of
different hardware configurations).

So they thought about it and came up with the following solution:

1. We already have a good desktop OS (AmigaOS), let's continue development on this one.

2. Once AmigaOS is up to date again, we will integrate AmigaDE transparently into

3. Final step (once we have the ressources available and DE gained a significant market
share): We will combine the best elements of AmigaDE (platform agnostic, "compile once,
run everywhere", scalability) with AmigaOS4 (good hardware abstraction layer, Virtual
Memory, Memory Protection, driver support for modern hardware) to form "AmigaOS 5".

AmigaOS4 is a "path". It is used to ensure the community (users, developers, traders,
the infrastructure in general) won't be dead by the time Amiga Inc. aims at the general
desktop market again. And it is used to implement technologies (e.g. Virtual Memory, or
drivers for modern 3D hardware) that is not needed (yet) for AmigaDE.

Now back to the AmigaOne:

The original concept looked like this:

- any of the following processors: x86, PPC, MIPS, Alpha, StrongARM
- runs AmigaDE natively

There's no native desktop version of AmigaDE yet, so the specs now look like this:

- PPC processor
- runs AmigaOS natively (which will have AmigaDE integrated later on)

AmigaDE is not "tied" to the AmigaOne. You can aswell run it on top of Windows or Linux
(there is *no* MacOS version btw.). It just won't run natively on desktop computers for
the next 1-2 years.

>> Ok, let's say you are right, you are a dev after all But dont tell me they didnt buy it
>> because of the user community too. You said it yourself in that post.

In commercial terms, the current community (the users, not the developers) is not worth any
efforts. You can't "rip them off" or something: Amino paid five million dollars to get the
rights on the Amiga brand name. You'll never make this kind of money by selling products
to classic Amiga users (or by selling OS4, licensing "AmigaOne" trademarks etc.).

>> The Macs of today, have compatibility with the Macs of back then (I don't need it anyway
>> because I have a 68k Mac, and as any emulation, it's not 100% compatible).
>> The AmigaOne is not compatible with old Amiga stuff, unless you hook up a 1200 to it

Wrong. An AmigaOne is compatible with old stuff, as long as that old stuff doesn't hit the
hardware directly. An AmigaOne will run Sas/C, Sbase4, Digibooster or Wordworth. But it won't
run Giana Sisters or Turrican if you don't have an A1200 attached.

It's *still the same OS*, just ported to PPC. AmigaOS4 comes with a pretty decent JIT 68k

>> I don't need to buy a computer just to run AmigaDE, as you say, AmigaDE is hardware agnostic,
>> so why should I buy the AmigaOne if the computer I have (or plan to buy) complies with the
>> AmigaOne specification? I see no point in buying it. Besides, I can't work with it. The
>> software I need is just not available for AmigaDE, and will never be (too commercial)

Nobody expects you to buy an AmigaOne. This machine is intended for people who want to use
AmigaOS as their main OS. (btw., expect all AmigaOnes to run MacOS X natively (the Pegasos
already does) and MacOS 9 through really fast emulation (iFusion gets ported to OS4), that's
how *I* will run commercial software that's not available for AmigaOS).

>> That's what I said. Amiga, as I know it, has been dead for long. Amiga to me is more
>> than just a way of computing, and a concept of how things work, it's also how the hardware
>> was built, and the machines themselves. It's a machine that still amazes me.

I agree that a "classic" Amiga is an exciting piece of hardware (and of course they still
amaze me), but to me it's more (i.e. the OS). I guess we won't agree on that one

>>>> Why should Amiga Inc. support you ? [snip]

>> You just don't know me,

Okay, I admitt that was a cheap attempt

>> I was just asking Galahad the relation between Amiga Inc. and legacy hardware

There's a connection between Amiga Inc. and AmigaOS. There's no connection between Amiga
Inc. and legacy hardware (thank god!).

>> I hope you keep on helping me with my A1200 concerns, despite of my hatred against
>> the AmigaOne (I repeat, NOT against the AmigaDE) and Amiga Inc.

Hey, we're just having some decent argument, that's one of my preferred activities
No need to get worried
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