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Post WHDLoad rules!

1. NMI Autovector is when a non maskable interrupt occurs. Usually reset switches such as the button on the Action Replay cartridge cause these to occur, but it also happens with some TCP/IP stacks and other hardware (perhaps your CD drive is generating them?). If that error occurs all the time, simply download the development archive and copy the s:whdload.prefs file and set that NOAUTOVEC flag globally. Then all installs will automatically use it.

2. Glad you found the demos section at last!

3. Zool 2 ECS and AGA are 100% complete! The only reason I have held it back was because I was hoping to be sent a working version of the coverdisk version - but since it doesn't look like I will get it, I will just release the game... The one I have crashes as soon as you complete the first world and the disk looks like the Classic crack with the files repacked by the MASM cruncher.

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