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Originally Posted by Calgor View Post
But KS1.3 is definitely preferred for workbench or apps, less bugs, autoboot harddisk, ffs, etc. 1.3 is more all-round standard kickstart and had longer life. Not sure if newer games don't work with ks1.2 compared with ks1.3, as never really went back to it after 88.
I believe Kickstart 1.3 was basically the same as 1.2 apart from the autoboot support. In other words, it had pretty much all the same bugs as 1.2. Also, FFS (FastFileSystem) isn't in the Kickstart 1.3 ROM, it's loaded from disk. Either as part of the autoboot process (from the RDB area), or from L: when a partition is mounted manually. FFS works fine on Kickstart 1.2 too.
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