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Originally Posted by mailman View Post
Are there any secret rooms/locations in Leander?
There are a few of those.

In the cave in Level 1.2, just at the beginning when you jump over the gap, I found some platforms underneath although never bother to get on them. Did anyone get down there to see what's there?
You mean the gap over the waterfall? Nothing, just spikes:

Level 1.4 in the cave. When going for the spider's egg you reach the platforms with two spikes (one above the other). Up from them there is a chest which you can not reach? Is it possible to get there?
Yes. You need to go all the way up. Kill the spider and fall through the small gap turning right to avoid spikes. Walk off the the ledge. You'll land safely. Walk of this one as well turning right (spikes again). Jump off. The chest with an extra life is on the left.

On the level with the three Zeppelins you can fall through the fist gap in the bridge turning left to land on a ledge with a chest containing 1000 coins

The shots are taken from HOL. There're some game maps there.
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