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WHD questions

I now know why Cody and Codetapper praise so much this proggy. It's brill. With the preload option on, some games seem like being played on a cartridge based console. It's mega=supah=supah great!

Anyway, a couple of questions arise:

1) WTF is an NMI AUTOVECTOR?!?!?! many games crashed with this shit, and I had to use the NOAUTOVEC tooltype to make them run. Can somebody explain to me what's this all about?

2) Demos. aren't they great...? but I need installers for some of my old demos. I dloaded from the Aminet installers for Technological Death, Desert Dream, State of the Art and 9 Fingers, and to say they are poop, it's an understatement. AFAIK, they're not even JST or WHD, have no exit key, and most of them just make my meega guru... Are there any WHD or JST installers for these old demos (and any others, I want to fill my HD)? I dont know if they are all in the WHDLoad page, I dont recall finding them.

That reminds me, Ive seen there is no WHDLoad install for Zool 2 ECS... is anybody willing to do that one? I can provide the images...

[edit] Disregard question numero 2, seems like I didnt look well enough :P I now have all the WHD installers for the above demos... nice . BTW, can I use the ADFs directly as disk.1 , disk.2 etc?

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