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thanks all for good words for second issue planned: warp3d, aga-rtg, html and aros (aga-rtg recompilation) version.

Thorham, AGA-RTG edition will works for you also. (030/AGA/Paula is ok). It will be a bit slow while article rendering is happenes (somethink about 4-5 seconds), but in other aspects it will works ok for you. We tested it on 030 while works on it, so, you can try.

Pyromania, i do not know english very well, but looks like you mean 'want i do a new logo for discretfx or not'. Well, personally why not, but all graphics was done not by me, but by some others ppls. And as always it happenes amiga graphicans always have tons of stuff which is need it works on. But I will ask of course.
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