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Originally posted by bgbennyboy
Of course Monkey Island doesnt come on nondos disks.
Hal: Nondos games use a custom filesystem and bootloader to load and run. All a savegame disk needs to do is have savegames saved to and read off it, so of course it will be a standard dos disk.

what i was trying to say that non-dos games donīt have probs saving on their save disks (the non-dos games i have format their own save disks )
so to my experience standard dos games save standard dos disks and non-dos standard disks use their own disks (if there are exceptions i just donīt know about them but they may well exist)
i know monkey island is standard dos i have it here myself and installed on my "hard drive"
tomlovin just asked what i were talking about and i was just trying to explain it to him


i know more than i seem to but i just sound ackward sometimes
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