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Originally Posted by DrF View Post
I don't think theres a need for anything under 1.3, on a emulator you can have you pick of Kickstart Roms, but I would not run a real Amiga with anything less than KS2, I guess it depends what you want

I think theres a crap load of games that won't run on KS2 though, weather this is down to KS2, RAM configuration, chipsets I never knew.

It's mainly down to the chipset as well. I well remember the aggro caused when the Full ECS chipset was launched.. a load of games never ran on that until they were patched.

Even relokick wouldn't run some of my older games on my 1200 iirc. Although that's going years back..

1.3 KS fixes a lot of bugs over 1.2 anyway so I'd stick with 1.3...
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