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Originally posted by jmmijo
That must've been neat, I've only been to San Antonio, basic training at Lackland AFB back in the day [/B]
Austin is one of my favorite cities. One can never be bored there, the music scene is almost too big there, and it is a very tech city, not unlike Silicon Valley. And it's pretty clean and low on crime. The only thing I didn't like there was the non-natives from up north (the yankees...) - they were assholes.

Originally posted by jmmijo
I'm into a lot of diverse music, not much on Country however. Give me some BB and Pink Floyd and I'm set for life
I pretty much abhor country, and I find this new, modern (contemporary) country to be the foulest incantation yet. Like Lite Rock with that mule hee-haw voice - two things I already despise rolled into one big over-glossed package. Ugh...I shutter just thinking about it. I did, however, hear a song from the new Tim McGraw album that rocked.

BB? Beastie Boys? BBMack? Beach Boys? B.B. King? Billy Barty?
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