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Originally posted by jmmijo
Ah yes Harlan Ellison, something classic he gave us too, an all-time classic Star Trek episode. Anyone else remember the title?!? I shouldn't need to provide a hint on this one

As for remembering past last week, yes I think we should all remember Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of the best is Texas Flood!
I think Ellison is perhaps better remembered for his other written works moreso than The City On The Edge of Forever. The man has written beaucoup stuff, most of it very worthwhile (and you TV fans will note his short stories have appeared on numerous horror anthology shows, as well).

Stevie Ray Vaughan was awesome and I am glad I got to see his statue in downtown Austin.

The point here, which is a good one, is that people are so hungry for new, that they will sacrifice quality to get it. Celine Dion, indeed...[/me pukes liberally]
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