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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
I totally agree with bippy. The last "real" Amiga was the 060. This PPC/Amiga One stuff is for freaks only.
The real irony is that no Amiga 060 cards were produced before Commodore's demise in 1994. Phase 5 released the Cyberstorm 1 in 1995, some 6 months after Escom purchased C= and about 8 months before they too would declare banruptcy. I'd bet that if C= had survived that they would have went down the PPC route too in the mid/late 90s (and probably will have still been using it in 2002 when the AmigaOne was released given their laziness/love affair with Motorola chipsets). I think Apple has illustrated quite nicely that the OS (and the underlying software) more than the hardware makes the computer.....not that this will necessarily win them the war, mind you.

Originally Posted by Bippym
060 based amiga's still ran most amiga software (well a lot anyway ) where-as PPC ran nothing :/
AFAIK OS4 for PPC-equipped Amigas will run most of the "classic" software via JIT emulation, perhaps even more software than 060-based Amigas can run natively at present. Add existing WarpOS/PowerUP software and AmigaOne software (some of which may need optimisation or recompiling to run suitably on PPC-equipped Amigas), then OS4 isn't as useless as many people here would make it out to be. Whether it's worth spending the crazy money being asked for Amiga PPC cards is another matter. Might be worthwhile for A3/4000 owners, but not A1200 owners given the price vs performance ratio.

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