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The files that the updater looks at are:
AmigaOS3.9:Audio/Circle - Orbital.mp3
AmigaOS3.9:Audio/Beatmaster K - Rumba Lat.mp3

AmigaOS XL:
AmigaOS XL:Multimedia/Angels.avi
AmigaOS XL:Multimedia/Circle_-_Orbital.mp3
AmigaOS XL:Multimedia/Beatmaster_K_-_Rumba_Lat.mp3

Unfortunately my 68000 assembler knowledge is extremely minimal, so reversing the code is taking a while.



Known plaintext attack works, the process I used took 4 minutes to decrypt the file:
1. Get Edit from C: on a HD with BB2 installed
2. Zip with Winzip
3. Perform plaintext attack use ElcomSofts tool

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