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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

Here here sir!!!
I second that!

To be frank my 'interest' in OS4 is not an Amiga thing. To paraphrase previous comments: 'If it doesn't run a 68k chipset, it's not really an Amiga'. ( Real or emulated )

What I want is a good / light / bloat-free desktop OS for my current ( future ) hardware. An Amiga-like RTOS would be great - if it ran on x86. ( built-in classic emulation would be a nice bonus ) My frustration is OS4 could fit the bill...
...But then so will AROS ( when finished..? ).

BeOS was nivana for me, but bombed.
QNX could be great, but as QSSL no longer aim it at desktops...
Amithlon is may main enviroment ( when the d*mn PC is working ) - But for the usual Amiga-like f*ck-up's it could have been 'all things to all men' by now.

I'm ranting ( again ) because it's all so frustrating.
I'm hungry, I can smell the Sunday roast, but the cook isn't giving me any!!!

Woody57 as usual has made a good point v. well: There is a lot going on @ the EAB ( thank God! ).

A question:
Are we happy to continue as we are? ( Fine by me - it's a retro thing )
Do we look to being more adventureous and pick a 'development project' or two, pool our resources behind it and take an active roll in things Amiga..? ( Also fine by me )

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