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If the phase 5 site is a semi-registered estimate of PPC boards ...using the average of polling figures suguests the number of boards in circulation is at the VERY most 8x that figure based on a 14% turnout.

This psuedo release fails in that to the best of my informed knoledge there is an acute abscence of applications to make eiether it's purchase worthwhile or tempt non ppc owners to follow the route.

IF hyperion had instead just offered RAFFLE tickets for a worthwhile prize then maybe this thread would be heading in a different direction......

However the recalling the number of regular REAL hardware users this board has & the number of hours per MONTH they claimed they used this hardware for, then I can only draw the conclusion it's content canot be expected to contain ANY postive or creative comments.

Recalling the fact that over the last ten months this boards members have released considerably MORE useful compatable classic software than eiether Amiga inc or Hyperion have achieved in the last TEN YEARS !...suguests perhaps that members money would be better spent investing in our OWN projects as opposed to OS4 mythware
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