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Zetro, we already had it. Then in-fighting between the main developer and his sidekick snatched it from our hands.

Yes, I'm talking about Amithlon. The only "neo-Amiga" product I saw any future in. Amiga on x86. 68k and x86 code running side by side in harmony. PCI/AGP access. Accelerated drivers for a few common graphics boards. All RTG software ran without modification.

Yes, I *bought*, not pirated it. I believed in it so much. Not long after that, they cancelled it, made it illegal to sell and started the lawyer game.

Now we can never have it. The fastest most compatible Amiga ever. Not ours.

Someone plunk a shitload of cash on Bernie Meyer, Umilator is what is still the future of the Amiga, not OS4, not MorphOS. AROS is close to the dream, but Amithlon/Umilator was THERE.

Throw cash on Bernie or a 68k emulator for AROS. Perhaps the latter is even a better idea?
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