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The Amiga would be a mid-class luxury model from around 1985.. Most of it's features were out of reach for normal car buying folk back then but have become commonplace in "prices starting with"-models nowadays. Also it's no longer anything special to drive, yet you get used to it very quickly and once you've driven it long enough, you like it a lot. It's a little worn down, the suspension isn't as stiff as when it was new and sometimes you hear a bit of knocking from some worn bushings when you drive over pot holes.

Ok, it doesn't have a GPS navigator integrated in the dash, but it did come with automatic climate control and a cruise control out of the box and back then it was much more powerful than your regular "family sedan".

I'd say the Amiga is a 1985 Saab 9000 turbo, but that's not entirely fair to the Saab 9000.. There aren't any roads that are incompatible with the Saab, but there's plenty of websites that you can't really make full use of with an Amiga, also try opening a Word 2003 document with the Amiga with all features working..

Also when you try a new model, you get the feeling that ok, my old one can do most of this but this new one does a lot more and is much slicker and smoother. :-)

Don't get your underwear in a knot over this, but that's just what I feel when I use the Amiga.. Also what I've come to accept when I drive my 1987 Saab 9000 turbo. :-D
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