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Ya' like it Retr0?
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I dont see any practical benefit from it...

It can only run on PPC (pointless proprietary chipset) thats locks a user into an incredibly limited path.... bah... this argument has been done to death already...

just gimmie the source and i will compile the fucking thing for x86! thats what us miggy vets want.... an afordable, robust real-time os that has a transparent 68k /ocs-ecs-aga emulation! thats what we damn want not some fucking 10 year old hardware that met its match by the fucking power of my mobile phone!

bah.... getting pissed of going over it....

big whoop for hyperon IF they get it realeased... only because (if i am lucky) it fucks A.Inc i the arse..... other than that i just dont give a .... fucking flying..... shhhh.... boing ball... :/
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