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Step by step, we take this

Originally posted by Korodny
These are different things *at the moment*. With OS5, both will get merged. Imagine the AmigaOS you know being completely hardware agnostic and you look at the concept of OS5 (well, nearly ).
How would they 'merge'? You just said AmigaDE is hardware agnostic (true), so why are you tying it up to a hardware spec like AmigaOne?

Amiga Inc. lost money with OS 3.9. And they won't make money from OS 4. They bought the Amiga name because of the developers, not because of the users. And the developers
(well, most of them), would be quite happy if DE takes off.
Ok, let's say you are right, you are a dev after all But dont tell me they didnt buy it because of the user community too. You said it yourself in that post.

Interesting. So a Mac is still a Mac, though it uses completely different, off-the-shelve hardware (with a completely different processor) and a completely different OS than all the Macs that were around a few years ago ?
But an AmigaOne is no Amiga, even it uses the same OS that is around for 17 years now ?
The Macs of today, have compatibility with the Macs of back then (I don't need it anyway because I have a 68k Mac, and as any emulation, it's not 100% compatible). The AmigaOne is not compatible with old Amiga stuff, unless you hook up a 1200 to it (in that case, why the feck would I want compatibility if I have a real Amiga?). I might as well use UAE and be ridded with incompatibilities.
The fact that I'm buying a PMac G4 is that I can use MacOS 9 and MacOS X for my work, and I can install AmigaDE atop of it. I don't need to buy a computer just to run AmigaDE, as you say, AmigaDE is hardware agnostic, so why should I buy the AmigaOne if the computer I have (or plan to buy) complies with the AmigaOne specification? I see no point in buying it. Besides, I can't work with it. The software I need is just not available for AmigaDE, and will never be (too commercial)

If Commodore would still be around, do you think their latest Amiga offerings would be half
as powerful as an AmigaOne, if they would have continued to use custom chips ?
Man, I'm not discussing this. It's obvious that you can't do that on the computer world anymore. If you want to use custom chips and a fixed hardware spec, you have to make a console.

Something like the A500 will never happen again. There will never be a hardware that is so far ahead of its competition like the Amiga was in 1985. If you think "Amiga" is a synonym for "beating the crap out of your competitors", the Amiga is dead.
That's what I said. Amiga, as I know it, has been dead for long. Amiga to me is more than just a way of computing, and a concept of how things work, it's also how the hardware was built, and the machines themselves. It's a machine that still amazes me. I know the AmigaDE will give the Amiga feel to any machine, but I repeat my question: why should I buy an AmigaOne motherboard when the machine I have is perfectly AmigaDE compliant???

Why should Amiga Inc. support you ? Do you support them (or other Amiga developers) ? Did you *buy* your Kickstart ROMs ? Did you pay your Picasso96 shareware fee ? What was the last software you bought for your Amiga (apart from used games and the like at E-Bay) ?
I'd say I bought my Amiga ROMs, because they were inside the computer I bought. I do not use Picasso96, so I have to pay no shareware fee, and the last software I bought for my Amiga was a game on eBay, yes, but what did you want me to buy, if I bought an A1200 two weeks ago? I was going to buy Apano Sin, but I dont know what happened to that game. And now that I got a 1200 (and an expanded one, weee!), I am experiencing a LOT of new programs that I WILL get registered (WHDLoad, Eagleplayer, Miami, IBrowse, to name but a FEW). As I said, I quit keeping up-to-date with Amiga stuff in 1997.

You just don't know me, I am the kind of guy who is willing to fork out cash in preordering games that are in development, for strange platforms (like Metal Dust for the C64 SCPU), so they get developed. I DO support the platforms I like, despite of what you think. And I'm buying t-zero, now that I have the needed hardware. Isn't clickboom an Amiga developer?

Nevertheless, I don't support Amiga Inc., I always said I don't. And I don't want them to support me. I was just asking Galahad the relation between Amiga Inc. and legacy hardware

I hope you keep on helping me with my A1200 concerns, despite of my hatred against the AmigaOne (I repeat, NOT against the AmigaDE) and Amiga Inc.
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