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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
The video slot has other signals including a parallel port.
Ah, right. I really should have known that.

Still, in theory emulation of the original Video Toaster hardware should be quite do-able. But I very much doubt whether it will ever happen, due to the effort involved. Reverse-engineering how the Amiga communicates with the Toaster should be much easier now that the Toaster software source code is available though.

Originally Posted by =alexh View Post
Ok so you might be able to use the software to pretend to edit analog data (which is really digital data), but there is MUCH better software out there for digital editing and mixing on the PC.
Well sure. For me, the attraction of being able to emulate a VT would be seeing what it can do and playing with the software (I read a lot about it at the time, but it was only ever sold in an NTSC version and I never saw one).

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