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Considering the A3000 your thoughts and advice :)

Right, after much thinking about stuff and the general prices of A1200 gear, and then looking at the prices of big box Amiga gear, am I right in thinking add ons and upgrades are usually cheaper for the big box Amigas than the A1200?

Maybe there not actually cheaper but demand has drove A1200 prices to stupid heights, since I never knew anyone with anything other than a A500/600/1200 I guess these models out sold there bigger brothers by a long shot.

A A4000 would be lovely but I can't justify the cost, I would assume the A3000 can have its video upgraded anyhow? (so no need for AGA?)

As I have sort of gathered the A3000 can just be hooked up to a monitor? (scandoubler present?) saves me buying one and getting confused.

I think I need BinoX
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