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Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post
Nice list alexh, I have to go through it and see if there are any apps DiscreetFX has not tried. A switcher comes in very handy in a live setup, VJ, concert, live webshows etc.
Oh, ok. Never considered the VideoToaster to be a truly live video editing suite. Did NewTek sell it as such or did it just develop into it for you?

Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post
You kind of have to try it to understand it.
I do, please believe me I do.

Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post
It is not a software feature, it requires hardware.
I but I fear these are analog hardware features.

Features that you will not be able to replicate in a digital FPGA.

To re-create the video toaster card you might be able to re-create all the digital bits in an FPGA, but for the analog bits you would have to use the same (or similar) analog hardware components to those on the original VideoToaster card(s).

I tried to explain it earlier, MiniMig is almost 100% digital and lends itself to recreation an FPGA.

The video toaster card is at least 50% analog.

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