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>> I think we talk about two different things here.
>> 1) AmigaOne.
>> 2) AmigaDE

These are different things *at the moment*. With OS5, both will get merged. Imagine
the AmigaOS you know being completely hardware agnostic and you look at the concept
of OS5 (well, nearly ).

>> Who else wouldn't want such a community on their side? You could describe this as
>> clever, and it is, but I don't like that kind of stuff. It's very Microsoft-y :P

Amiga Inc. lost money with OS 3.9. And they won't make money from OS 4. They bought
the Amiga name because of the developers, not because of the users. And the developers
(well, most of them), would be quite happy if DE takes off.

>> The claims of "a new Amiga computer coming our way", or "Amiga's back" drive me
>> crazy. Accept it people. Amiga is no longer a COMPUTER, the Amiga is NOT BACK. Because
>> this is a new thing, as Galahad said. It evolved onto sometihng else.
>> but I'm not buying no AmigaOne. I'm buying a Powermac G4 instead

Interesting. So a Mac is still a Mac, though it uses completely different, off-the-shelve
hardware (with a completely different processor) and a completely different OS than all the
Macs that were around a few years ago ?

But an AmigaOne is no Amiga, even it uses the same OS that is around for 17 years now ?
If Commodore would still be around, do you think their latest Amiga offerings would be half
as powerful as an AmigaOne, if they would have continued to use custom chips ?

Something like the A500 will never happen again. There will never be a hardware that is so
far ahead of its competition like the Amiga was in 1985. If you think "Amiga" is a synonym for
"beating the crap out of your competitors", the Amiga is dead.

But IMHO, "Amiga" is about a certain way of "computing" (attention: stupid phrase alert) that
Amiga Technology's marketing division described as "Elegance through efficiency". And an
AmigaOne will still give me that experience. The hardware available today is excellent, it's
the software (OS and applications) that makes the difference.

>> Galahad, I have one question: how does Nokia's announcement benefits the scene around my
>> 'old' A1200?

(The following may sound a bit rude, but there's no offence intended) Why should Amiga Inc.
support you ? Do you support them (or other Amiga developers) ? Did you *buy* your Kickstart
ROMs ? Did you pay your Picasso96 shareware fee ? What was the last software you bought for
your Amiga (apart from used games and the like at E-Bay) ?

Blame the society, not Amiga Inc. for the way the system works
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