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hello there,

Welcome to the EAB, i am sure you will like it here. when you get done with you assignments theres plenty of mischief to get upto.

Now its an interesting question you raise there. as Originally the Amiga operating system was going to be CAOS (Commodore Amiga OS) this had many features that not even mainframes would have for years to come, including resource tagging and IO block controlls.

unfortunately this was not completed in time for a launch, so CBM's idea was to commission a version of TripOS for the amiga computer. this address a lot of the problems that CAOS didn't have time to solve, such like integration, however was indeed, woefully a lesser OS because of it...

I will post a link about of on this... bare with me...


heres a link to a couple of really interesting articles.

I hope its of some use, good luck with your assignments, and look forward to reading some of your posts when you get done
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