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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
Good for you!

Simply enjoying the pointlessness of all this:- AOS4 was supposedly written to be portable, but will never be released in a form that could allow the vast majority of us to use it.

Vaporware & politics seem to be all we have so we may as well have fun with it.

LMAO.... not to sure about pointlessness of it all... but most certainly the IRONY!!!!!! which is a bit like goldie and bronzie except made from iron....

okay okay.... enoughs enough....

What ever the Slobbering Fanboi's say it doesn't mean anything.

The only thing Hyperion are releasing 30th NOV, in is another FINAL OS4 update... in the form of.... wait for it.... "OS4"....

so if you have an Amiga 1 or such like.... power to you,

please enjoy the fact you were stupid enough to get sucked into a proprietary hardware/OS solution that was totaly dead before production, and praise be for for Linux for if it wasn't for that you would be fucked by now.

bah! see these kinda threads get me ranting... sorry for the amiga 1 thing... OS4 release still blows.... imma gonna go and clean up some Fanboi drool before some one slips over.....
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