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Ok, OS4 is out for classics.
You'll need:
-A v.v. old PPC board
-A 1/4 decent GFX card
-A 1/8 decent Sound card

3/3 of the above won't work properly because:
-I can't find any out-of-production zorro cards
-None of the PCI boards have DMA / any support
-No PPC-native drivers.
-I won't pay that much for an ancient PPC board anyway
I'll get a 'modern' OS4 machine...
Um, no I can't.

OS4 with Paula + AGA... Yay!

Did anyone mention an x86 port..?

If all this sounds a touch negative - it is! The sad truth is I would buy OS4 in a flash if there was any point! It wouldn't need to be a good point - 'geek value' would do... It doesn't have to be of any practicable use... mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble... I'll stick with Amithlon a bit longer - It's more 'high-end' than any OS4 box anyway.
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