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Originally Posted by Deleauvive View Post

I am sorry guys but my question is slighly different : Does Boing Bag II reallly add something to the AmigaOS 3.9 experience ? My workbench seems to run smoothly without the update. Again, the CD I have (with Amithlon & AmigaXL) has a Boing Bag packaged inside, and it must be different from other 3.9 CDs, because it doesn't let me install Boing Bag II, even from the hard drive.

Again, I had a similar problem with Directory Opus 5.5. A lot of fuss was about it being codednamed "Magellan", and it seems to me that in the Amiga world, version numbers are a bit messy. Personally, I find it confusing that 2 supposedly important updates share the same name for 2 different OSes.

Also, if some people updated by hand on their real Amiga (unpacking the amigaOS-update), it means that they had good reasons to do so. For the sake of it, here are the version numbers of my setup : Kickstart 40.68, Workbench 45.2.
The BoingBag2 ReadMe file shows all the updates.
Briefly I report for you the list:

- Amplifier has a new ReAction Gui
- sound.datatype improved (AHI driver support)
- PlayCD improved using cddb.library
- Picture datatype has its own preferences editor (PicDT)
- Multiview supports new tooltypes to set window pos. and scrolling via mouse wheel

- Enhanced Shell and new updated Shell Command ...
- ViNCEd support improved

- ASyncWB improved, when renaming lots of icons only one icon will be renamed at a time
- Execute command has simple command history and it is possible to cycle through via cursor up and down keys. (much appreciated)
- Find has a new graphical user interface (appreciated)
- RAWBInfo enhanced: renaming is possible in the info window, now it supports WBRun...
- Version 10 of XAD is included
- UnArc now supports ADF disk images (it would be much appreciated but this doesn't work to me)
- BenchTrash has a ReAction GUI
- Calculator has a Reaction GUI

(ReAction GUI)
- optimized, improved and enhanced set of ReAction classes

(ROM Update)
- new version of AmigaOS ROM Update, it contains a bug fixed and updated Exec multitasking Kernel, boot menu supports monitor that no longer support 15Khz modes, improved drivers for IDE internal controller

(Hard disk Support)
- Support for hard disk larger than 4GB completed (now diskcopy supports big harddisk)
- HDToolBox hides unsuitable devices ...

With this update my A1200 shows Kickstart 40.68 and Workbench 45.3.
Sincerly, I appreciate all minor improvements, I much appreciate the Workbench part.
As just reported above, I had no more password requests when I unpacked the BB2 on my 2nd partition (the 1st had to be updated and obviously it contained OS3.9+BB1) and from there I clicked on the installation icon leaving the OS3.9 CD in the drive.

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