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Question Installing & using ADFOpus....

Hi,sorry for the newbie-like question,but I recently decided to try ADF Opus after hearing of it's conversion abilities,(to ADF from DMS etc.).

I followed the instructions of unzipping & installing it by right click the ".inf" file & it installed it to the Program files menu. It converts DMS,& ADZ files to ADF okay, but I'm having problems otherwise.

To open & view any ADF files, Anytime I try to open it, it'll ask to find the ADF Opus.exe file,(even though I've got the program already running.). I also get other errors of devices not being mounted & it'll usually crash after the promp to find the ADFopus.exe file.

Is there something more I have to do following the right click install to be able to open my ADF files?

I've got both version 0.7 & 0.8.
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