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Roll eyes (sarcastic) Boingbag 2, 2a &AmigaOSes

Hi !

It seems to me that Boingbag 2 could be more specifically designed for OS 3.5. If you follow the link to Boingbag 2a, it states it's for AmigaOS 3.5. I have installed a 3.9 AmigaOS system, hosted on my Athlon64 PC (yes I like speed !), and it came with a Boingbag already packed in the installer.

The CD is really up to date (with Amithlon and AmigaXL add-ons) and it is not recognized by the updater, so I doubt this "new" Boingbag would bring significant changes. Similarly, I had a doubt about Opus Directory 5.5 being "Magellan" or not, as it was not clearly indicated...

About installing Boingbag manually, I found this explanation (translated from french and picked from web site) :
  • insert the AmigaOS 3.9 CD.
  • Copy the "updater" in your path.
  • Then proceed to "updater AmigaOS-Update RAM:" & "updater XAD-Update RAM:" to unpack the files in RAM:
  • Do the upgrade by hand.
By the way, I tried the "plain-file" method to deciphering the archive, but it asks for an archive containing a similar file, packed with the same tool as the first archive. I need to know the zip program used to pack amigaOS-update, to pack a sample of the archive. Could anyone give me a hint, please (pkzip,... ) ?

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