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Originally Posted by nikvest View Post
All right, a new problem... I wanted OS3.9 icons so I copied Setpatch, icon.library, newicon.library and workbench.library to my new system. So, now... I see all icons, but while OS3.9icons look great, my original icons are color inverted.

HELP. What now?
Which version of icon.library? And is the newicon.library the one which comes with OS 3.9? What is your OS? WB 3.1?
I tried to reproduce your setup with WB 3.1, icon.library 45.1 or 45.4.6 and with workbench.library 45.127 or 45.131 and it works even with MWB-icons and Fullpalette. No problems with GlowIcons, NewIcons, MWB- or OldIcons! But you should use the newicon.library of OS 3.9 and don't install the NewIcon package over this configuration. Also don't copy OS 3.9 workbench.prefs or palette.prefs to ENVARC:sys, but fullpalette.prefs. FPPrefs should come after IPrefs in your startup-sequence. Just in case that the font colors get messed up, open Prefs/Fonts and save.

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