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I think we talk about two different things here.

1) AmigaOne.

2) AmigaDE

I never mentioned the AmigaDE (Or is it OE? I always get confused)in any of my posts, I was particularly talking about AmigaOne...

What I mean, in brief, is that Amiga Inc. have, IMO, NOTHING to do with the Amiga I own and love. They just want to cash in using the Amiga brand. I'll quote Korodny:

Amiga users are willing to pay for software (some of them, sometimes). Linux users aren't, that's why there's practically no commercial software available for them. Sales figures for games ported from Windows are actually *higher* on AmigaOS than on Linux.
Who else wouldn't want such a community on their side? You could describe this as clever, and it is, but I don't like that kind of stuff. It's very Microsoft-y :P

The claims of "a new Amiga computer coming our way", or "Amiga's back" drive me crazy. Accept it people. Amiga is no longer a COMPUTER, the Amiga is NOT BACK. Because this is a new thing, as Galahad said. It evolved onto sometihng else.

I'll surely be trying out the AmigaDE (isn't it the same concept as Sun's ill-fated JavaOS? That's a concept which I LIKE A LOT), but I'm not buying no AmigaOne. I'm buying a Powermac G4 instead

Galahad, I have one question: how does Nokia's announcement benefits the scene around my 'old' A1200?

It might be 'obsolete' hardware, but I get more kicks out of it than out of any PC you can chuck me. And that, I support
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