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Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
I'm wondering if a program that locks Workbench colours like FullPalette is still required for OS3.9?

I've had a quick look, and it appears so?

For older Workbench versions I've used Scalos to lock colours, but was surprised that OS3.9 still only has 8 colours available in many prefs editors and palette control.
No, you don't need FullPalette for OS 3.9 anymore. You can lock MWB-colors under Prefs/Workbench. OS 3.5 and OS 3.9 have a new color system which is based on palette mapping instead of using fixed colors. This means that OS 3.5 icons for example can have up to 256 colors out of 16 million and they store the exact RGB-values in their own palette. When such an icon is rendered to display it on the screen then the icon palette is compared with the screens color map (up to 256 pens) by the graphics.library function 'ObtainBestPenA()' and each color of the icon palette is mapped to the closest color or best pen of the screen. If there is no color close enough then the screens color map will allocate a new free pen, but this depends on a dynamic formula for the tolerance. When the number of free pens gets lower by the time then the tolerance for the color distance grows which means that 'ObtainBestPenA()' tries to reuse a shared pen first instead of allocating a free pen.
Prefs/Palette shows only the 8 fixed/locked system colors.

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