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Hrm. So it's like BMW getting out of the automobile business to refine gasoline, and still calling itself "BMW". Those people who were loyal to the brand will buy the gasoline simply because it is BMW and must be "good" in some way because it is manufactured by BMW.
Interesting analogy, but not quite getting the point.

The Amiga was a concept that worked. It worked because of a great many things, great design, good hardware, good programs, lean use of memory, good programmers.

The AmigaDE is continuing that concept with lean design but taking the Amiga idealogy further. The Amiga concept was always about getting the most out of the machine, can anyone say in all honesty that software companies get the most out of the PC? They simply don't, and they don't care to. Unless Joe Public starts to question why it is that the same programs for the AmigaDE take up a hell of a lot less resources than the PC/Mac equivalent, then that situation won't change.

Lets just ask some basic questions here that simply require a yes or no answer:

1). You are in business to write software and you have the choice to write in a language that is supported across many platforms and doesn't require major rethinks and rejigs to fit it into a mobile phone unlike the bloat that is C.

Would you consider a system like AmigaDE, YES/NO

2). If the same team could work on the same game instead of being split off to do seperate versions, thus making bugs less likely, gameplay better, game design better.

Would you consider a system like AmigaDE, YES/NO

3). You have bought over $10,000 worth of software, what with licences and what not, your machine is redundant because your motherboard cannot cope with the next generation of processors, which incidentally are not operating very well with your software. If your software could be transported to another machine and run on it provided the environment was the same.

Would you consider a system like AmigaDE, YES/NO

4). Are you happy that you have to keep on spending money on hardware when you really don't feel that your previous graphics card was properly exploited, when a leaner OS system might mean that you would have more use out of your purchases.

Would you consider a system like AmigaDE, YES/NO

5). Are you even remotely interested in having a choice of your future software? People moan about Microsoft having intentions to charge people for downloads on the Internet, that they will charge people ongoing licences for their software, much like pay-per-view.

Would you consider a system like AmigaDE, YES/NO

If you think this little questionnaire is a little unfair, lets look at the results of you answering NO to all of the above:

You are happy to have to keep buying more ram and bigger hard drives because programmers can't be arsed to code properly, you can cope with buggy software that crashes or looks like it has been rushed out, you have a bottomless pocket and couldn't care about replacing all that software, you would rather keep up with everyone else than actually use what you pay for, and you haven't learnt any lessons about the collapse of COMMODORE, ATARI, SEGA, IBM etc, etc, these were all 'untouchable' years ago, where the hell are they now??

But probably the biggest indictment of the whole questionnaire is that the question in each line was 'would you CONSIDER a system like AmigaDE', and you answered NO to each one........ means that even with compelling evidence, YOU WOULD NOT EVEN CONSIDER the prospect, is quite possibly more sad!

Frankly, I find it quite amusing that some people (like me years ago) think so avidly as the Amiga as being a blitter, a 4channel soundchip, AmigaDOS, 4096 colours, that they cannot possibly CONSIDER it as being more than that!

The fact that Nokia is showing an interest is VERY good news for Amiga and for the machine you all love. They were the ONLY mobile phone company NOT to lose money last year and are by far the biggest in the world. Anything that heightens the profile of AmigaDE, will also profile the Amiga system that you all love.....

Please, no-one take this as an attack on them personally, I took that quote because it kinda said it all, that some people cannot possibly conceive of the Amiga as being anything other than what it was....

.... and what it was was a great concept, that has been re-invented for a new world..... the world of computing will NEVER be the same, if Amiga Inc tried to produce a machine like the original designers did in 1983, christ.... I doubt this message board would even exist!

Again, my two pence worth, feel free to flame me/argue with me/hate me/.... I still love the Amiga, its just that the Amiga HAS to change to succeed.... at the moment, no-one on here has given any compelling reason what the alternative should be.
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