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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Probably you used OS3.9 to snapshot the icons. OS3.9 can read newicons, but when it writes an icon, it automatically converts it into OS3.9 format. Now if you switch back to OS3.1, it can no longer read the icons because they no longer are in NewIcons format.
Are you sure, Thomas? I would say, that you can snapshot NewIcons under OS 3.9 without any risk! They are not automatically converted into OS 3.5 icons by workbench.library, but this would happen, if you try to save NewIcons with IconEdit. IconEdit displays a warning message concerning this risk already when loading NewIcons. The reason for the missing icons could be a ChipMem shortage. Try FBlit...?? This will not happen with OS 3.9, because it loads the icons into FastMem.
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