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Now, this is time for beta testing, and i need people that would like to help me.

1. I want to be sure Lionheart Remake Evolved will run on a maximum PC number

2. The best way to make a good game is to ear from different player, what they would like to see, what they think about ...

3. If the gameplay is good enough, for a good player, and a beginner

How to help me ?
Just send a mail here: report(AT)b3dgs(DOT)com
Write on subject: Lionheart Remake Evolved - Beta Test
And write your computer hardware ( CPU, GPU, RAM, Motherboard )

If there are not too many people, you will recieve an answere with the Beta Version of Lionheart Remake Evolved, and some instructions that will help you for your beta testing.


Edit: Erf, the level 13:
Not completely done, but the main part is finished.

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