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Question Problem with ps2 mice on 486/100 pc...

(I really don't know to what forum to post this, since the OT section is not visible any more to all...)

I recently ressurected an old 486/100 pc. I think it's mobo is one of the last made, it is a shuttle HOT-433 (4xISA + 4xPCI slots)
the problem I am having is with mice. Using an OLD serial mouse works OK. So I just plugged a serial->ps2 adapter and several different ps2 mice. nothing. Optical mice don't even get power. So I learned that if you want to use a ps2 mouse on a serial port, the mouse must be made to also operate in "serial mode" . Apparently newer ones are not....
Next step is to decrypt the 10-pin ps2 mobo connector. I found the power/ground lines and the ps2 mice get power. Next I found the 2 other tracks, data and clock... but in vain... connecting the mouse there kill the keyboard or makes it produce irrelevant characters... (maybe this "ps2" connector is just a built-in serial->ps2 one like the external version ) I also tried in vain some ISA cards that have serial+parallel ports...
so, is there a solution??? is there a hardware adaptor or something?
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