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I have noticed that you are killed without reason,anyone happens the same?
Never experienced that bug, can you please give me the AMiga type you own and if possible when this bug occurs. Please check if you didnt let the heart touch the ground.

There really are some bugs. Where do you want to report them, Nori? Here in forum, or via email?
Indeed there are a lot of bugs left and I'll "create" others during the coding for almost sure, that's why it wont be a good idea to flood this thread. Here is one of my email adress where you can send bug reports, idea, constructive criticism etc... : 150apm A T gmail D O T com

*There is some strange colour flashing up the bottom half of the screen in the black border (around the main game in the overscan areas). This happened after playing for a few minutes.
Ooops, my fault I forgot one raster time test (changing the background colour to try to stay in full frame rate).

*The second player sprite seems to be corrupt. It is split in half, as if the right and left sides were flipped inside out.
I experienced this bug when I push the LMB but never with a second joystick plugged in port #1. What kind of joytick do you own ? (joypad, atari standard joystick, other one ? Please tell me.

Maybe the little guy jumps and falls a little bit fast though, it's sometimes hard to aim where you land.
Thanks for the constructive comment. I'll look forward to slow down the gravity's leap and test if the game will be more easy or not by changing this parameter.

write me if you need music and soundfx for this game.
Hehe I'm looking for a music for the game-intro preview . Are you interested ? I'll send you an email.
For the ingame music I'm not sure to integer one, I'd rather add sfx instead, but the best is to put music+sfx but it would be necessary to code a specific player (like the Turrican one which use 7(?) voices. But we spead about Turrican which is a masterpiece).

Thank you all the positive/constructive comments, thx also for the help offers. I want to add that the game is dev. during my spare time (unhappilly I have few), I'm also trying to code on other plateforms (Commodore64), so dont panic if I'm not very fast enough.

Best regards,

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